August 31, 2016

Rules of Bhajans

Of the many aims of Bhajana Kammata, introducing one rhythm, voice and bhajan literature was one. It was stressed upon singing clearly with rhythm and feel of the bhajan. It was also stressed to do do the bhajans in timebound manner.

Rather than doing in what ever time, its better if it is done with proper procedure and at particular time in a systematic way. This list such an effort to bring discipline in doing bhajans and how to do it.

  • Every Bhajan Mandali must group atleast once a week at pre-determined time and pre-determined place to do bhajans.
  • Bhajans requires time conciousness. Every members needs to be present at the right time and must end bhajans at right times too.
  • Bhajans selected to sing must be good. It should be repeatable by public. Dasa Sahitya is preferred. Cinema style songs must be totally avoided.
  • Rhythm, Pronunciation must be correct. Expert members must help in correcting mistakes.
  • Ladies, Children and every one must be given chance to sing bhajans.
  • In bhajans discipline is important. Talking in the middle, going out, smoking must be strictly prohibited.
  • To make bhajans attractive, dance bhajans can also be incorporated.
  • Its better people attending bhajans have a uniform dress code. Colorful dresses be better avoided.