Shri Kshetra Dharmasthala Bhajana Parishath

Programs of Kammata

The special aspects of Bhajana Kammata Training Program

Suprbhatam & Yoga

Every Kammata starts off in the morning with omkar chanting, suprabhatam, which is followed by Yoga. Separate provisions are made for male and female participants for Yoga.

Bhajan Training

A special training is given to participants from morning to evening in 3 sessions. Special Resource Persons are brought for this training.

Expert Lectures

Apart from Bhajans, Resource Persons are brought on various aspects of Dharmic Thought process to give Lectures to participants.

Dance Bhajans & Nagar Sankeertan

For interested Participants, Special Training is given to perform Dancing Bhajans often seen in Dasa Sahitya.
For others nagar sankeertan is done. They are also trained on its procedure.

About Bhajana Kammata

Bhajana Kammata Workshops started off with aim to bring together and improvise Bhajana Culture
Bhajana Kammata started in 1999 October and is held every year.

From the time immemorial music has helped people to express their devotion to God. Great composer saints have created compositions in praise of the Lord, most of them soaked in the love and devotion they had for their favourite deities.
Chanting these hymns and compositions by a group is called Bhajan in hindu culture.
Perhaps this inspired Dr. Veerendra Heggade to initiate villages to participate in Bhajans as part of their routines. Bhajan Masters were invited to teach group of villagers to perform together.
What started as experiment has gathered momentum. Its now common to see groups performing Bhajans in village temples and village centers.
Shree Kshetra Dharmasthala conducts Bhajan Shivirs (camps) where various groups come and perform. Some times even competitions are organized to inculcate spirit of excellence,

Our Board

Dr. D. Veerendra Heggade


Smt. Hemavathi V Heggade

Vice President

Sri. D. Harshendra Kumar

Vice President

Sri. Jayaram Nellitthaya

Secretary ,Bhajana Parishath

Smt. Mamatha Rao

Secretary , Bhajana Kammata

Sri. Subramanya Prasad

Convener, Bhajana Kammata

Sri. Nagendra adiga