August 30, 2016

Bhajana Kammata Begins

Bhajan Kammata Implementation:– The Bhajana kammata is an event once in a year. The Shanthivana trust, a trust  established by Dr. D. Veerendra Heggade for  protection and promotion of Indian  art  and culture along with yoga, Ayurveda, Naturopathy sciences is taking leading role in implementing this event, in association with Shri Kshethra Dharmasthala Rural Development Project.

  • The selection of right candidates from the Bhajana mandala is a major challenges as he/she is expected to give training in his/her bhajana mandala after  successful  participation   in Kammata.

To implement this major event a separate committee is formulated with representative from  shanthivana trust, Shri Kshethra Dharmasthala Rural Development Project, local leaders and local people.

  • Each committee is given with the responsibility, like taking care of  participants, their logistics,   materials to be given, street bhajan plays, inviting guests and  resource persons etc
  • The sessions begin at  9 A.M  And  ends  at 5.30 P.M.
  • Two members each from Bhajan Mandali can participate in the training.
  • The complete method  of  practicing   bhajan is demonstrated during  the training
  • The morning yoga sessions is  compulsory to all the  participant .
  • On the last day valedictory sessions, mass bhajan program will be organised  where  more then 5000 members chant   bhajans  at a time. This creates  a  wave of devotion and spiritual strengthen  making  people  more confident and united.